Faucet Repair

leaky faucet | faucet repair | faucet replacement | shower faucet | tub faucetFaucet Repair Near Indianapolis, IN

Do you need a shower faucet repair? Tired of your faucet dripping at night while you are trying to sleep? How about that annoying shower faucet that has a weak stream of water? Did you know a leaky faucet can waste a whole swimming pool of water of the course of a year? That’s wasted dollars down the drain!

We carry hundreds of Faucet Repair Parts on our trucks

There are many types of faucets out there, and whether it’s a simple re-washer or total rebuild, our Licensed Plumbers can fix them all including: Kohler, Price-Pfister, American Standard, Delta, Figi and more. Most faucets are repairable, and our Licensed Plumbers are trained to give our customers options for the most long-term repaired possible. We have hundreds of faucet repair parts stocked on our trucks. That way we aren’t driving all over town trying to find parts. Plus we will give you a price before any faucet repair starts.

Shower Faucet

A Shower Faucet has several delicate components and it’s important to have a Licensed Plumber who is certified to work on these mechanical devices to avoid permanently damaging them. Plus, if a faucet repair isn’t completed accurately it may start leaking again and cause further frustration.

Get a Same Day Appointment

Please fill out the form to schedule an appointment with one of our Licensed Plumbers and one of our friendly staff members will contact you. We try very hard to meet our customer’s schedule because we know a faucet can start leaking at the most inconvenient times.

Family Owned Plumber

We are a local plumber Greenwood specializing in Faucet Repairs. We will assess your faucet’s condition and make the best recommendation for a Faucet Repair at the least amount of cost possible. We warrant our work, so you can rest assured your faucet repair will last. We are a family owned plumber and we have been serving Greenwood and Indianapolis communities for over 30 years! We want you to Smile when you have to call the Plumber, so Call Carter’s My Plumber!! 🙂