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Carter Plumbing was recently in Haiti installing plumbing in a local village for an orphanage. Jamie and Lisa Carter, owners of Carter Plumbing, went to Haiti on a mission trip with Crusades for Christ. Together they were able to install the plumbing for a new bathroom, and install piping to bring water to an area where the orphans can reside. Many of the orphans were abandoned when their parents died in the earthquake. Haiti is still under major duress with the devastating destruction caused by the earthquake. Millions still live in tents and have very limited food resources. The sanitation and water purification methods are minimal and many people are subject to contaminated drinking water. Carter Plumbing had the opportunity be a “plumber without borders!” It was an amazing blessing to Jamie and Lisa in offering their gifts and giving hope for these orphans.

Global Plumber | Plumber without borders | World Plumbing

Jamie on the rooftop of Lighthouse Mission Orphanage In Haiti.

Global Plumber | Plumber without borders | World Plumbing

Patrick is an orphan at Lighthouse Mission in Haiti.

Global Plumber | Plumber without borders | World Plumbing

Jamie & Lisa installed a new bathroom on the 3rd floor of an Orphanage in Haiti

Other Organizations Carter Plumbing Supports

Carter’s Support

Global Plumber | Plumber without Borders | World Plumbing

Lisa Carter, RN, assesses a small injury at the orphanage in Haiti

This year we did a fund raiser and donated $500.00 to They are changing lives in 3rd world countries by digging wells, and educating the citizens to purify their water. 3.4 Million people die annually from a water related disease. 780 Million people lack access to clean water. More people in the world have access to a mobile phone than a toilet. Matt Damon is the leader of this organization and a huge supporter for fresh water.

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Lauren Carter in Kenya, Africa

The Carter’s supported their daughter Lauren on a Mission trip to Kenya, Africa to study Leadership in an impoverished nation.

Carter’s support the Leukemia Society Light the Night

This year our company was able to support a Light the Night team, in which, we collected $2000.00 for the organization. Lisa Carter’s father had Leukemia, and the walk is very dear to the company.

Carter’s support The Joseph Groh Foundation

joseph groh foundation | global plumber

On Father’s Day of 2008, following a day spent with family, Joe decided to go for an aerobic bike ride along the trails of Lake Grapevine. At one point the trail turned sharply left and the front tire of Joe’s mountain bike slid on some sand and off the trail. Joe was thrown headfirst over the handlebars, breaking his neck and damaging his spinal cord at the C-4 vertebra. Knowing that life had suddenly and unalterably changed, Joe vowed to never look back, never give up and to remain positive. We are supporting Joe’s foundation which helps people in the trades who suffer a permanent disability.

Carter Plumbing is a member of The World Plumbing Council

World Plumbing Council | Certified Plumber | Certified Plumbing Engineer

Carter Plumbing is committed to the development and professional standards of plumbing to the world. That’s why we are members of The World Plumbing Council. We participate in and facilitate the exchange of information, research and technology applicable to the world plumbing industry while promoting plumbing education and training. Safeguarding the environment through proper management and conservation of natural resources.