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Prevent Water Loss

Prevent Water Loss

Prevent Water Loss Inside your Home Water loss can cause significant damage to homes, especially when it goes undetected. It’s important for every homeowner to pay close attention to the key areas inside their homes where water loss can cause damage and expense....


By Kelson Carter Do You need to worry about small water leaks? How much water is wasted from leaks? Are some leaks invisible? The Answers You Need: Slow water leaks are rarely urgent. In fact, you can get by for years without fixing them. Yet, you will not get by...

What Can a Leaky Faucet Cost?

  Leaky Faucet cost can waste up to 5 Gallons of Water per Day.    by Kelson Carter Leaky faucet cost is a very sneaky way of opening up the checkbook and seeing the money fly out.  A little drip can can cost 100’s of dollars in a short period of time.  Leaky...

Leaking Hose Bib Fix

Leaking Hose Bib Fix Leaking hose bib suspicion?  Have you planted the garden yet?  How about the spring flowers??  Have you fired up that outside hose bib of yours?  I’ve planted three rows of the garden so far this season, and I’ve used the outside...
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