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Colts Player goes Tankless Water Heater in order to save Space!

When a Colts Player goes Tankless to save space, it’s a win-win! You certainly don’t have to be an Indianapolis Colts Football Player to get a Tankless Water Heater, but have you considered the benefits of Tankless verses a Standard water heater model?  Yesterday, we had the privilege to change out a standard water heater for a Tankless Water Heater at the home of an Indianapolis Colts Player living downtown Indianapolis.  Space was a huge factor in deciding whether to go with a Tankless or Standard model.  But there are several factors to take into consideration when deciding to invest in this type of appliance.

colts player goes tankless

Before and After Tankless Water Heater for Indianapolis Colts Player


Tankless Water Heaters don’t store water like standard models, and therefore, they don’t accumulate sediment build up which causes corrosion.  Standard models generally last 8-10 years before they develop a leak in the tank and must be replaced.  Tankless models can last up to 25 years.  When a homeowner takes into consideration the cost of replacing a standard unit 3 times in a 25 year period, they might as well invest in a Tankless model.

Colts Player goes Tankless for Endless Hot Water

Another advantage to a Tankless water heater is the endless hot water.  These models are designed to heat the water flow continuously and therefore, providing gallon after gallon of hot water.  This is a huge consideration for a large family, or a family who runs multiple appliances at the same time.  The convenience of having continuous hot water and never running out.

Energy Efficient

Since a Tankless Water Heater doesn’t store hot water on a continual basis, and only works upon demand, the energy savings are substantial when calculated over a period of time.  The most efficient Tankless models use natural gas, which can be significantly cheaper than electric.

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We are seeing more and more people asking for Tankless heaters in the Indianapolis area. If you would like to have a Free Estimate and explore the options of a Tankless Water Heater for your home, call Carter’s My Plumber to set up an appointment today at (317) 859-9999.  We will provide you with a Free Estimate, and help you calculate the cost savings.  We provide service for all Indianapolis residents, including Colts Players!  Our Plumbers are Licensed and very knowledgeable about Tankless Water Heaters.  We are family owned and operated, and in fact, we have been doing this line of work for the past 3 generations.  Our company is built on the values of a strong work ethic and doing the job right.  We want every customer to be pleased with the work they receive!

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