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Hey Mom

You know we all have those “honey do” lists for Dad but it seems like they just don’t get done in a timely manner. Especially when plumbing is on the list?! You also know how us moms can’t pass up a sweet deal! Here are a few ways you can check off that “to do” list and save money in the process with the help of a Licensed Plumber from Carter’s My Plumber!

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Flush Water Heater

Hey mom! Have you ever looked forward to that hot shower just to get in and find out that your kids have depleted all the hot water? Do you want your water heater to last longer?  It might be time for a water heater flush. If the sediment collects on your water heater’s heating element, it can cause it to overheat and require replacement.  Having a licensed plumber flush your water heater will extend its life and its efficiency. For more info on water heaters, CLICK HERE!

Check Sump Pump

The answer to this is simple, it’s just routine maintenance! We want you to be prepared before that heavy rainfall comes crashing down.  Making sure everything is working properly can protect your home from potential water damage and flooding. Check this off dad’s list and follow the steps below…

  • Locate Sup Pump/Pit in the basement or even crawl space
  • Remove Lid
  • If full with water, call a professional
  • If no water, pull the switch up
  • Run a hose to the pit
  • Fill pit
  • Ensure pump kicks on

OKAY– before you or dad have to do all this, call Carter’s My Plumber! Check out tips on how to prevent potential flooding HERE!

Toilet Replacement

As the surface of the porcelain toilet gets worn or scratched it will become increasingly difficult to keep clean.  If you find you are cleaning the toilet more and more, then it might be time to buy a new one so you can get back to the things you enjoy! Poor dad wants to be outside with the kids instead of scrubbing that toilet! It’s time to replace the toilet. Try replacing it with a low flush toilet, you will save water and money in the process. Find out more about toilet repairs and installation HERE!

Put Salt in Softener

If you own a water softener you will want to check the salt level once a month. This is the easy part. Adding the salt is what’s the challenge. As busy moms though, you don’t have time to haul in bags of salt! Your Carter’s My Plumber team is here to help, let them add that salt and check it off Dad’s “to do” list for you!!

Pick “My” Plumber’s Brain

Have you had household plumbing concerns weighing on your mind, but honestly don’t want to deal with having a contractor come to the house? Carter’s plumbers are professional, on time, and fix it right with courtesy, respect, and a smile!! This is the time for you to get the answers you’ve been looking for. Carter’s plumbers listen to your needs and get to the root of each situation.

It’s Time You Call a Licensed Professional

At Carter’s My Plumber, it’s YOU who we care about. Call us at (317) 859-9999 to talk to a plumber today! Get to know your team in this video!

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