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When is it Time to Call the Real Plumber?

Have you ever thought you would cut the corner by hiring the neighbor to fix a plumbing leak?  Or, how about just fixing it yourself?  When it comes to plumbing there is quite a bit involved, and it not only takes skill, but knowledge to make the proper repair or installation.  Plumbing involves two important household elements; water and sanitation.  The proper delivery and drainage is vital for the overall health of the household.

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Here’s a Great Story about “Should have” hired a Licensed Plumber!

One of our customer’s called in last night about her “gator” hoses.  Our Manager called her back regarding her “gator” hoses.  She was very nice, and wanted our Plumbing Manager to know we did an excellent job, and she now has more water pressure than ever before.  She wanted to get her “gator” hoses back.  Our Manager explained that it is our responsibility and protocol to remove all trash from our worksite, and therefore, our plumber took care of taking away all the unwanted old parts.  Our Manager also explained that we don’t use “gator hoses” because they are a snap and fit type of product and that we use proper sweated copper lines.  The customer explained that she had just purchased the hoses, but she understood because they obviously didn’t work.  She said that it is a lesson learned for herself, and from here on out to always use a Licensed Plumber, and never hire a “punk, wannabe plumber” from down the street who offers to do it for hardly anything.  She had no water pressure, the hoses were a tangled mess, which caused them to leak, so she called a REAL PLUMBER!

Now our Customer is Happy!

Our customer is ecstatic that she has so much water pressure in her home.  With the proper repair she is able to have water delivered at the rate and volume that is standard plumbing code.  She said she will always call a Licensed Plumber from here on out.

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Carter’s my Plumber is a Licensed Plumbing contractor serving the Indianapolis Metro area since 1969.  They are fully licensed and insured, and only hire Licensed Plumbers.

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