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Conventional Wisdom Passed Down Generation-to-Generation

As a homeowner you may need to learn about Plumbing maintenance myths for your home! It’s important that you learn how to effectively do plumbing maintenance without trying practices that may damage your system or your pipes. Here are five myths passed down to Grandson from Grandpa Bob about home plumbing you’ll want to avoid.


Plumbing Maintenance Myth 1: Lemons Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Running a lemon rind through the disposal may make your drain smell better, but it won’t actually get it clean. drain clog | clean drain | lemon in drainDisinfecting your garbage disposal requires using a cleaning solution that includes a mild soap and warm water. Make sure you disconnect the disposal from its power source before cleaning it. Pour the cleaning solution into the disposal, and allow it a few minutes to work. Then use a cleaning brush to scrub the disposal itself.


Plumbing Maintenance Myth 2: Run Water While Using The Garbage Disposal To Help The Garbage Travel Smoothly

As a homeowner you may think you can put just about anything down the garbage disposal as long as you run the water. Some things do not belong in a garbage disposal no matter how much water you run. Hard or thick food items, such as pasta and eggshells, may damage your disposal, which can require an expensive repair or drain cleaning. If you must put thick foods down your disposal, you should break them up into small pieces and mix them with water beforehand.


Plumbing Maintenance Myth 3: Things Keep Going Down My Drain, so It Isn’t Getting Clogged

Even if your garbage disposal is operating, it can still develop a serious clog. An early warning sign of an impending problem is a slow moving drain, or waste fragments that remain on the discharge pipe. If you notice a sluggish drain or food particles on the surface,  then it’s developing a clog, even though it may still be working.  Stop using the disposal until you have the clog removed or things may get worse.drain flow | money down drain

Plumbing Maintenance Myth 4: You Can Clean Plumbing Fixtures With Regular Dish Soap

Hand or Dish soap may actually be damaging to the surface depending on the type of plumbing fixtures. Brass plumbing fixtures can easily tarnish and should be cleaned with gentle solutions such as cut lemons and baking soda. Toilet bowls on the other hand need to be cleaned with an effective disinfectant to kill germs and prevent infection.

Plumbing Maintenance Myth 5: Plumbing Fixtures Require Little Maintenance

Here is one of the most dangerous home plumbing myths, because homeowners who believe it may run into serious problems later on. Pipes may be obstructed by hair or debris clogs, wayward tree roots, or shifting home foundations. Homeowners should inspect their sewer cleanouts for obstructions. These issues may lead to an expensive plumbing repair, such as a sewer line replacement or damage from a major leak. The fixtures inside the home such as sinks, faucets, and tubs need regular maintenance to perform optimally, and to avoid serious drain clogs.

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