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Garbage Disposal Repair Indianapolis & Greenwood Indiana

Garbage Disposal Repair Indianapolis

Garbage Disposal Repair, Installation & Replacement

It can be very annoying when your garbage disposal goes out, and it usually happens when company is visiting! Our Licensed Plumbers can repair and replace any brand garbage disposal, keeping you and your guests happy. We carry Insinkerator brand disposal with 1,3,5 year Parts and Labor Warranty. Garbage Disposal come in various sizes based on capacity, usage, and components. Garbage Disposals are designed to grind up unwanted food particles and dispose of them in the drainage system. It’s important to maintain your Garbage Disposal by carefully putting the unwanted food into the compartment-drain area, and running cold water as you turn on the power. Don’t ever stick your finger or hand into the drainage area.

garbage disposal

Garbage Disposal Brands

We can install any brand of garbage disposal, and we work on all types. The best way to maintain a garbage disposal is not putting the following items down it: noodles, egg shells, peelings or grinds, anything containing rocks or metal. If your garbage disposal locks up, turn off the power, and try to reset the unit.

garbage disposal troubleshooting

Garbage Disposal Troubleshooting

If it won’t start, then it’s important to have a professional inspect the unit, before trying to use it again. Continual use can burn the motor up.

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