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Do you need a Walk-in Shower Installation Indianapolis?

Walk-In shower is a great investment for the most convenience in your bathroom.  Get affordable pricing, customized walk-in shower design and top-rated walk-in shower units and fixtures from the Indianapolis Shower Experts for over 40 years…

You may be at the stage in life where you want a Walk-in shower installed in your home. We can customize a walk-in shower replacement to fit your budget and be customized to specifications in your home.

Carter’s My Plumber is a walk-in Shower Replacement Company that has been replacing bathroom shower units, and remodeling bathrooms throughout Indianapolis and Greenwood for over 40 years.

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Shower Options

The Walk-in shower is one of the first items noticed in a bathroom. It’s important to make sure the shower enclosure not only matches the homeowner’s style but accentuates the bathroom. There are several options with which to surround the shower:

  • Frameless shower enclosure. This is a very popular option because of its flexibility; a frameless glass enclosure lends itself to any style, whether it’s a sleek design which appeals to modern tastes, or a simple one with an elegant and classic look.
  • Aluminum and glass shower enclosure. This walk-in shower surround has flair. It is created with glass panels set into an aluminum frame, and this type of shower enclosure mimics the look of the tile in the back of the shower. A dark metal combined with clear glass will give an enclosure that eclectic feel.
  • Glass Block enclosure. Eliminate the need for a door with a glass block enclosure. Glass block surrounds are versatile, and there are textured patterns on the blocks themselves. They have strong vertical lines and give a bathroom the clean, fresh look.
  • Sliding enclosure. Sliding glass doors are a very practical space-saving option that’s also stylish. Sliding doors can be customized to fit any style and space, and are a great way to show off a shower and still have room for other bathroom fixtures.
  • Tub enclosure. Having a tub doesn’t require being stuck with a shower curtain. Tempered hinged glass can give a tub the best of both worlds: the ability to reach the fixtures and the ability to keep water in the shower.
  • Textured glass enclosure. Textured glass provides privacy without the frosted look. The beautiful textures are enhanced with water running down the glass and create a spa-like feeling. Textured glass offers a see-through effect while masking specific details, making the bathroom seem larger.
  • More than one entrance. Having more than one way to get in and out of the shower is not only practical but creates several design options and can give a bathroom a his-and-hers feel. It also will give you more space in the shower.
  • No shower enclosure. Some bathroom layouts don’t require a shower enclosure. The open shower with a tiled wall separating it from the other bathroom fixtures makes an easily accessible.
  • Framed enclosure. Framed enclosures are a popular option because they are a low-cost and a solution to the age-old problem of how to keep water in the shower. And, just because the shower is framed doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish. Instead of polished brass, a chrome finish provides a classic or modern look.
  • Tile and glass enclosure. A frameless glass door combined with tiled walls gives a bathroom an open look and feel. A tile surround with frameless glass windows will make the shower feel bigger on the inside along with allowing plenty of light in.

It pays to have an expertly remodeled bathroom which will provide years of pleasure and comfort. Because a bathroom is a limited, and tricky space, with lots of moving parts crammed into a tight footprint, not to mention the volumes of water ready to exploit any and all leaks, it can become an amateur job nightmare. Setting a budget and planning ahead are two ways to keep your project on track, along with installing quality products.

Here is a list of ideas when considering a walk-in shower replacement:

1.  Budget for the least expected

Leaking shower pans or running toilets can cause water damage that is unseen.  It is a common problem in bathrooms, and something homeowners don’t expect until the old tub or shower is taken away.  The repair is necessary to be completed prior to installing a new tub or shower unit.

2.  Conceal the toilet

A stylish master bath can have functionality and be discreet. Hiding the toilet in a separate room is for privacy, and doesn’t make it so exposed.

3.  Choose the right surfaces

Surfaces matter in a bathroom.  They are exposed to so much wear and tear that it’s important to have durability.  The blow-dryer, curling iron, cans dropping, dogs in the shower, and many more items need a hardy surface.

4.  The shower is an important investment

On average people take at least one 10-15 minute shower every day.  It’s an experience, and it’s important to plan for the proper space and size of the shower.  Cutting corners to save money is not the best decision for the shower.  It’s a long-term investment that will not only improve the value of a home but the whole bathing experience.

5.  Water efficiency should be calculated

If you have an older home built before 2006 than you may have faucets, toilets, and showerheads that aren’t low-flow classified.  It is a wise investment to change old products out in order to meet the federal standards.  The EPA WaterSense program regulates that products be at least 20 percent more efficient.  This saves a ton of water and cuts down extra cost on utilities in the long run.

6.  Roomy vanity

Have you ever wondered where you put something because your vanity top is too crowded?  Considering that grooming is a daily task, it’s important to have plenty of space on the top.  Plan for extra space in order to maintain organization, and have a nice look.

7.  Ventilation and light prevents moisture

Bathrooms are often humid places and moisture is released into the air by something as simple as taking a shower.  As the moisture mixes with the air as water vapor, it will eventually make contact with a cold surface, forming droplets on things like mirror, windows, and wood.  Over time the condensation can become a big problem with regard to mold build up.

It’s important to take the necessary steps to have the proper ventilation, and lighting in a bathroom.  The lighting not only helps you to see better while grooming, but it can help you recognize moisture build up.

8.  Shower pan conversion

Building a custom shower pan can increase the value of your home and offers a unique look.  It integrates the shower base to your bathroom floor.  Shower pans are the base of a shower, so an important feature to take into consideration.

9.  Shower benches or storage space

Shower benches are ideal for the aging population to be able to sit down while bathing.  Or, they are ideal for shaving and other personal grooming options.  They will hold extra grooming items as well.

10. Spa touches

Converting a tub to a walk-in shower offers the ability to add spa features!

Option 1. An eight-inch ceiling rain shower head in the center of the shower offers a dramatic effect. This type of showerhead can be stand-alone or combined with an additional standard shower head.  It’s nice to have options.

Option 2. Body sprays give a special therapeutic sensation. Body jets are designed to massage tired muscle groups while delivering the washing effect for an extra clean torso.

Redoing a bathroom is no small feat – it takes special planning and skilled craftsmanship.  That’s why it’s important to choose the right contractor.  Make sure they are licensed and insured.  Discuss your options and get a quote on paper before the work begins.  Once the work starts, it’s important to communicate with your contractor to ensure the project goes smoothly and to your satisfaction.

Carter’s My Plumber is focused on working with our customers to ensure 100% satisfaction and the best results.  We know how important a new shower or bathtub is for a homeowner, and we take every measure to make the job go smoothly.  We generally install units in one day and we always make sure there is no mess.  We want it to be a great experience for homeowners!

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Here are just a few reasons people call us for all shower remodeling projects:

Free, In-Home Estimates

Free, In-Home Estimates

We know you want a great deal, and we’re happy to prove we’ll give you one. Whether it be a shower installation or a complete bathroom remodel, we always offer accurate and no hassle estimates that include every aspect of your project…so there are never any surprises.

FAST – One Day Installation

Customized Walk-in Shower Installations

Your bathroom shower should be exactly how you want it in order to enjoy the experience. We have highly qualified, and licensed plumbers and product experts who come out and personally meet with you to determine exactly what you want and need.

Clean & Neat in a Customer’s Home

Pro's at Walk-in Shower Installations

It’s critical for a walk-in shower unit to be installed 100% correctly so there are no leaks, no loose parts, level floors, and proper mechanical function. Our licensed plumbers will be your installers to make sure every single water line, drain and shower accessory is expertly installed.  This guarantees to provide years of enjoyment with your new shower unit and no worry about a breakdown.

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