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Sump Pump Repair Indianapolis & Installation

Sump Pump Repair in Indianapolis.

Sump pump repair in Indianapolis and surrounding counties are provided by Carter’s My Plumber.  Sump pump repair and replacement and basement flood prevention is a homeowner’s priority in Indianapolis. 

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Get Sump Pump Repair & replacement and Basement Flood Prevention

Your finished basement is your pride and joy. You’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours converting your bleak, concrete dungeon into an enjoyable and comfortable living space. The last thing you need is a tidal pool of groundwater or sewage infiltrating your new home office or wet bar. A simple flash flood or an overflowing creek or wash can easily transform your new carpeting into a coagulated mess of mold and mildew.

WARNING: Do Not underestimate the chances of your basement flooding. This can happen in any home, no matter how well you protect it.

At Carter’s My Plumber, we believe that your basement isn’t “finished” without some flood prevention steps.  These actions include sump pump replacement measuring, and basement flood prevention parameters.  You need layers of protection for the adequate safety of family, pets, and property.

It’s important for you as a homeowner to minimize the risk of basement flooding to prevent damage to your home, your belongings and avoid the cost of repairs. If you isolate your home from the City’s sewer system, you can significantly reduce the risk of basement flooding.

To help you protect your home from flooding, it is important for you to install flood protection devices, including:


Back-Water Valves

Back-Water Valves help stop sewer back-ups from causing a flood in your basement.

Sump Pumps with Battery Backup

Sump Pumps remove water that is normally collected by your home’s weeping tile.

Pipe Severance & Capping

Disconnection of your foundation drains from the City’s sewer system may be needed to stop basement flooding.

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Sump Pump Repair Indianapolis

STORMPRO® Deluxe Dual Pump Flood Control System sump pump

One product we highly recommend is the STORMPRO® Deluxe Dual Pump Flood Control System sump pump

The StormPro back-up system utilizes two reliable heavy-duty 1/3 HP 115V AC sump pumps, unlike most systems that rely on one small plastic bilge-type DC pump.
PumpGuard Plus alternator will cycle each pump as needed; if one pump fails the other pump will take over and sound an alarm. The PumpGuard Plus has a built-in high water alarm and is capable of connecting to your home security system or dialer.
Fully automatic, converts 12V battery power into standard 120V electricity to run the 1/3 HP StormPro sump pump when the power is out. Runs off of standard 115V electricity when the power is on, avoiding unnecessary battery drain down.
The 1/3 HP 115V StormPro sump pump supplies with the system is extremely efficient, only drawing 4.5 amps providing a long run time while pumping more water than most 1/2 HP pumps.
Capable of using deep cycle maintenance free ADM batteries that perform better and last twice as long as the standard type.
Two indicator lights tell you the status of the system at all times.
Protective non-corrosive electronics enclosure and battery case.

Practical Measures to Avoid Basement Flooding

Basement flooding problems are best diagnosed by working your way down from the eavestroughs and downspouts, to the lot and foundation drainage, and then to the plumbing system — both inside your home and beyond its connection to the municipal sewer system.

Sump Pump Repair in Indianapolis & Maintenance checklist:

Check and test your pump each spring before the rainy season begins, and before you leave your house for a long time. Pour water into the pit to trigger the pump to operate.
Remove and thoroughly clean the pump at least once a year. Disconnect the pump from the power source before you handle or clean it.
Check the pit every so often to ensure it is free of debris. Most pumps have a screen that covers the water intake. You must keep this screen clean.
There are also several additional flood protection measures that may be considered.

Plumbing Fixture Maintenance

Have a qualified plumber inspect all floodproofing devices and plumbing fixtures (i.e. sump pumps, backwater valves, floor drains, etc.) regularly to ensure proper operation. Check the operating instructions for more detailed information and safety guidelines, or ask your plumber to explain the details of your system to you.

Battery Backup Sump Pump

Severe storms are often accompanied by power blackouts. A battery powered backup sump pump may be a prudent investment. Most pumps are made to fit in beside the main sump pump and also have an audible alarm that warns the main pump has failed so that you can attend to its repair or replacement. There are also water powered backup sump pumps available that run by water flowing through the pump impeller.

Not sure where to begin?

Let one of Carter’s My Plumber licensed Plumbers help you understand, assess your needs and get the most from the Basement Flood Protection.

Fast Assessments

Call (317) 859-9999 Today for a Consultation and learn more about how you can protect your family from Basement flooding.

Expert Flood Protection

Your basement will be protected from flooding by specialists with extensive basement waterproofing experience throughout the Greenwood, Indianapolis and surrounding Indiana areas.

Backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

When you choose Carter’s My Plumber, your basement is protected from flooding – and you are protected by a 100% Customer Satisfaction Warranty.

Flood Insurance – A Necessity!

Most Homeowner Insurance policies Do Not protect you from flood or Earth Movement (Mudslides) damage. Be sure to check Your Homeowner’s Insurance policy thoroughly. If it only protects you from wind damages, not flood damage, contact your insurance agent or FEMA for advice on how to add flood insurance to your existing coverage.

A Few Insurance Tips…

Check with your insurance agent or broker regularly to ensure you have appropriate and adequate insurance coverage, including any extensions in coverage that may be available, which were not previously attached.
Keep a detailed inventory of your residence. It will be invaluable in the event of loss.
Make sure your insurance policies and related records are in a safe location and easily available after an emergency or disaster event.
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Carter’s came out and replaced the sump pump in my basement. They were on time, polite, and very professional. The work, replacing both the sump pump and its battery backup, was completed quickly and efficiently at a reasonable cost.

This is the second time I’ve use Carter’s, and have been very pleased on both occasions.

Licensed Plumber LICENSE #CO88900054

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