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Hydro Jetting Indianapolis

Hydro Jetting for Main Sewer

If you have a main line backed up or a whole house back up, you may want to consider hiring a hydro jetting service.  It’s a power horse of equipment that will clear clogs safely and efficiently.  

Hydro jetting utilizes highly pressurized water (up to 4000 PSI) in order to break up and remove grease, sludge, and even things like tree roots from sewer drainage lines. Highly pressurized water can safely clear away almost any obstruction. Hydro jetting is a pressure washing for the inside of drain pipes, but it’s more powerful.

Hydro jetting doesn’t use any harsh chemicals, just high pressured water.  Before the hydro jetting is utilized on your sewer our plumbing technician will do a video inspection to make sure your pipe is in good condition. This is important because water under high pressure can cause frail or older pipes to break. Our technician will inspect to make sure if the drainage pipe hasn’t collapsed versus being clogged. If it is collapsed, hydro jetting will not be an option.  The collapsed pipe will need to be dug up and replaced with a new sewer line.

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Jetting Services

Drain Hydro Jetting Indianapolis

Indianapolis is known for big trees which mean big roots!  If you have had a main drain or whole house back up, you may  have tree roots causing it.  

Our plumbing technician will accesses the drain pipe through what’s called a ‘clean-out’. It is a section of pipe with a cap on it that provides easy access to your drainage system and it’s generally found in your yard. The nozzle and hose of the jetter will be inserted into the pipe via the clean-out.   As the jetter hose moves through the line, the nozzle will encounter the obstruction.  This is when the jetting system shoots pressurized water at the obstruction until it breaks up and flows away.

An experienced hydro jetting technician will know the precise amount of water pressure required to break up and dislodge obstructions.  They are also very knowledgable about using only enough pressure to not damage the pipe.  Hydro jetting takes skill and precision, and is not a DIY project. Only experienced Licensed Plumbers should utilize hydro jetting for your drain hydro jetting Indianapolis.

We also provide jetting services for a home’s downspouts!   This will remove leaves and debris for a more efficient flow from your home’s gutter system to the exterior perimeter drains.  It’s a drain cleaning for the outdoors of your home!

Drain Cleaning

 Hdyro Jetting Sewer Line cleaning indianapolis

When you have a small clog in a drain line, your plunger is usually the first thing you should reach for. A drain machine called a “snake” is effective at removing occasional obstructions from food or toilet paper. If these two methods don’t work, you need to call a professional plumber. Have them come out to perform a video inspection, and then get their recommendation about hydro jetting sewer line Indianapolis. Hydro jetting works wonders for stubborn blockages that don’t respond to other methods.

Hydro jetting unclogs just about everything
There isn’t any obstruction that hydro jetting can’t handle and it can easily push through and wash away most stubborn blockages.

Hydro jetting does more than just poke holes in the sludge
The plumbing snake is a good method for a clogged drain. It’s been the first line of defense for breaking up obstructions. But a plumbing snake only pokes holes in obstructions and allows enough of the wastewater to flow again. It definitely won’t clean the inside of your pipes the way hydro jetting does. Hydro jetting removes everything and your pipes are as clean as wastewater pipes can be.

Hydro-jetting doesn’t require digging
Hydro jetting does not require digging to get to the clogged pipe. Access through the clean-out makes it less obstructive on landscape.

Hydro jetting is safe and chemical free
Hydro jetting removes blockages with highly pressurized water. No chemicals necessary to clean the drain line. The pressurized water does the trick to push the obstruction out and break it into pieces.

Hydro jetting is green technology
Because it’s just pressurized water, hydro jetting is environmentally friendly and safe. 

Hydro jetting can break up smaller tree roots
Tree roots twist their way into sewer lines and are one of the main causes of broken sewer pipes. The roots are seeking a water source and find their way inside a sewer line.  If they aren’t removed while they’re still small, they will continue to grow into and destroy the sewer pipe. Hydro jetting breaks up small tree roots and prevents serious damage to sewer lines.

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