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Balancing Hot Water

Balancing Hot Water: Have you ever been in a hotel room shower and the temperature of your water skyrockets to hot? This is a common issue in large-scale housing units. Every year, thousands of people suffer serious thermal shock or scalding injuries in their...

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Lead-Free Drinking Water

Lead-Free Drinking water is the buzzword lately after the huge issue in Flint, Michigan. Lead in water has been an overwhelming issue for parts of the United States over the past few years. Lead in drinking water is an issue for everyone but especially children and...

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Golden Plumber

Golden Retriever type of Plumber! When a plumbing emergency happens in your home, it requires an immediate homeowner reaction. Trying to find a Plumber is generally the reactive response. After Googling to find a Plumber in your local area, you become overwhelmed with...

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Global Plumber

Carter Plumbing was recently in Haiti Carter Plumbing was recently in Haiti installing plumbing in a local village for an orphanage. Jamie and Lisa Carter, owners of Carter Plumbing, went to Haiti on a mission trip with Crusades for Christ. Together they...

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