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Water Leak Detection Indianapolis, IN

water leak detection indianapolis

Water Leak Detection Indianapolis

Water leak detection in Indianapolis and surrounding counties is provided by Carter’s My Plumber. Water leaks can be very costly to a homeowner. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency; “On an average, leaks can cause almost 10,000 gallons of wastage in a home every year, and this amount is sufficient to fill a swimming pool. The most common issues of leakage are dripping faucets, leakage in toilet flappers, or leaking valves, all of which can be easily fixed. However, among these, the most prominent leakage issue is caused by a dripping faucet; fixing one can save almost 10% of a homeowner’s water bill.”

water leaks

What causes Water Leaks?

Dripping Faucet – An O-Ring inside a faucet can wear out. Corroded valve seat will allow leakage around the spout area. Washers wear out through constant friction. Loose Parts and Worn out seals are other culprits of faucet leakage.

Broken Plumbing – Broken pipes develop cracks that can interfere with water pressure.
Plumbing Joints Leaking – Plumbing lines are glued together or soldered and can erode over time allowing water to flow through.
Pipes – can develop leaks from freezing temperatures, or with age, the lining weakens.

Water Leaks Indianapolis & Surrounding counties can call Carter’s My Plumber for detection and repair services.

water leaks damage

Water Leaks can cause serious Damage

Water leaks Indianapolis and surround areas are at risk for flooding from season snow melting and high water tables.  Water leaks that are undetected in walls, floors, slabs and crawl spaces can leak a lot of water and be expensive. It’s important to listen for any leaks within your home. If you have a change in water pressure this is a sign of a leak. If you water bill is extremely high one month to the next, this is also another sign.

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We are a local Greenwood and Indianapolis Plumber. We provide plumbing service for the surrounding communities. We are fast and reliable. We are a family owned and operated plumbing company. We have been in business for over 30 years. When you call Carter’s My Plumber you get courtesy, respect and a Smile! 🙂

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I can’t express how happy I am with Carters. Let me start by saying that I was able same day appointment, due to a leak. Paul and Bruce were here in the timeframe suggested. I received a courtesy in-route call in advance. They repaired my reverse osmosis tubing so that I should not see this issue again. They also connect my RO line to my new fridge. If you want experienced and professional plumbers…Carters is one call away!

Same Day Plumbing Service

We understand how critical it is to detect a water leak and repair it quickly, so we will always try to meet your schedule and in most cases we are able to provide same day plumbing service. You can either call our phone number, or fill out this form online. We will contact you once we receive your information and provide you with a scheduled plumbing appointment.

Licensed Plumber LICENSE #CO88900054

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