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Water Heaters Indianapolis, IN & Greenwood Indiana


Water Heaters Indianapolis & Greenwood Indiana

Water Heaters Indianapolis is one of the luxuries in the metro area home’s plumbing system.  Nothing worse than a cold shower, and at the most inconvenient time!  At Carter’s My Plumber, we know what it’s like to be without hot water, and we offer free estimates to make a repair or replace your water heater.  We are highly skilled and trained to handle every make and model of water heaters Indianapolis, IN. Our office is centrally located to service all water heaters Greenwood, Indiana.

It’s important to ensure water heater Indianapolis is maintained regularly because the water quality is harsh. The heating of water in your heater causes calcium carbonate to precipitate out and settle to the bottom of the tank. Also contributing to sediment buildup are any particulates that may be in your water supply like sand. Sediment is usually a problem in areas with very hard water. Regular flushing of your hot water heater helps prevent sediment build up, and may help you avoid extensive water heater repair.

Carter’s My Plumber has Licensed Plumbers who are thoroughly trained about the mechanisms of water heaters Indianapolis, IN. With an annual inspection, we can check for a broken dip tube, wrong setting on a thermostat, a defective thermostat, burned out heating elements (electric), or a heavy buildup of sediment. Here is a list of problems a water heater may experience:

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Dip tube problems

Dip tube problems

The dip tube is a plastic pipe that fits down into the water heater inlet, and usually has a small hole about 6 inches from the top of the pipe. The dip tube directs the incoming cold liquid down to the bottom of the tank. If the dip tube is broken, the incoming cold liquid can mix with the outgoing hot liquid and cause it to seem as though you are running out.  You may notice more issue with water heater Indianapolis because of the harsh water.

water heater tank noise

Noise coming from the water heater tank

Noise coming from gas models can often be caused by the sediment build up in the bottom of the water heater tank. Steam bubbles form under the sediment. The thumping and popping noises are created by the bubbles escaping from under the sediment. Sizzling noises can be caused by condensation dripping onto the hot burner.

Thermal expansion

Thermal expansion

When water is heated, it expands. If the inlet is not blocked by a check valve, pressure reducing valve, or other devices, the increase in volume simply travels back into the source. If the inlet is blocked, this increase in volume will cause an increase in pressure, sometimes to dangerous levels. The TPR (Temperature-pressure) valve relieves this pressure by discharging some liquid. A thermal expansion tank can be installed in the line that will absorb the increase in volume, preventing the relief valve from discharging unnecessarily. TP valves are strictly an emergency measure and should be replaced every 2 years. At 180 degrees, the temperature that the T&P valve opens, damage can occur to your system and you may have voided the warranty on your water heater Indianapolis. The improper installation of backflow preventers can block the thermal expansion leading to operation of the TPR Valve.

Thermal expansion

Water Hammer

When water is traveling in the pipes it has kinetic energy (energy of motion). A sudden shock wave occurs when a valve shuts off. Water hammer most often occurs when a valve shuts off suddenly. Commercial arrestors are available to combat this problem. They consist of a small air bladder within a cylinder plumbed to the piping system near the valve causing the problem. Sometimes if the piping is sagging, then supporting the pipe solves the problem.

Milky color

Milky color

Water contains dissolved oxygen and other gases. When heated, it has less ability to hold these gases and when the pressure is lowered as the liquid comes out of the tap, these gasses can form tiny bubbles giving the liquid a milky appearance. Letting it stand for a few minutes will allow these bubbles to rise out of the liquid and it resumes its clear appearance.

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water heaters indianapolis
Water Heaters Indianapolis & Greenwood Indiana

Storage-Tank Water Heaters, Indianapolis, IN:

Storage-tank water heaters are easily the most economical choice in the short term (less than 10 years). For the greatest short-term economy, reviews recommend replacing an existing tank-style water heater with another that uses the same fuel, to minimize installation costs. Your best bet is to decide on the tank size you need, then find the most reliable and energy-efficient tank-style water heater in Indianapolis available.

Go Tankless!!!

By heating water only when it’s needed, qualified gas tankless water heaters cut water heating expenses by 30%, while also providing continuous hot water delivery. Gas tankless models are a great choice for new construction and major remodeling but are also becoming popular as a replacement for gas storage water heaters in Indianapolis. Get a Free Estimate to see if you should make your next water heater a qualified tankless model.

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