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Trenchless Sewer Repair Indianapolis

Trenchless Sewer Repair Indianapolis

Trenchless Sewer REpair Indianapolis 

If you have a backed up sewer in Indianapolis you have come to the right spot to learn about repairs.  Trenchless sewer repair Indianapolis is for you if you don’t want your yard torn up from a sewer repair!  Trenchless sewer repairs in Indianapolis are a method of repairing the sewer line without digging up the yard.  the repair is less intrusive, affordable and gets the job done fast.  There is no digging in your front yard with mounds of dirt piled up.  

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sTrenchless Pipe Lining Indianapolis

There are a few different types of trenchless sewer repair in Indianapolis. 

  1. Pipe Bursting: This procedure is similar to a mole in the ground.  The device pushes its way through the ground from Point A to Point B.  The pipe follows the instrument and is put in place.  It follows the old pipe and replaced it with the new pipe.
  2. Slip Lining: Slip lining is trenchless and installs an epoxy liner into the exsiting sewer lateral.  It becomes a pipe within a pipe.  It essentially lines the old pipe with a new inner lining.  It is similar to a pool liner that lines the existing flooring.  The epoxy seals the cracks.
  3. Cured in Place Pipe [CIPP]: A clog every so often is not a big deal. However, if you have a clog more frequent than not, there is a high probability something else is going on.

It’s important to understand the various trenchless sewer repair methods.  The right method for your job is very important. Pipe Bursting is the preferred trenchless sewer repair method for a variety of reasons including environmentally-friendly, longer lasting, quicker turnaround, and less distrubance.

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No Dig plumbing repairs

When the main sewer line of your home becomes clogged, it affects your whole house.  There are no dig plumbing repairs as an option for repair. The first step is a video inspection of the sewer line.  This determines where the line is clogged or broken.  This also determines if no dig plumbing repairs are an option.

Pipe Lining Indianapolis

Pipe lining is an option for lines that are still intact.  The line can be relined, and sealed with an epoxy solution.  This solution will harden and seal the pipe.

 Pipe Bursting Indianapolis

Pipe bursting is also called pipe splitting.  A small pit is dug for the insertion of the pipe bursting unit.  The pipe bursting method follows the old sewer line and installs a new sewer line along the way.  It’s a push and pull type of method.


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No Dig sewer repair

The benefits of a no dig sewer repair Indianapolis can out-way the traditional dig method.  The equipment used for a trenchless sewer line repair is state-of-the-art.  It’s new technology and the materials utilized are of superior quality.  Time-efficiency is greater because less destruction to the yard and landscape.  Often times, it’s cheaper because no extra labor is necessary for the procedure.  It’s durable with the epoxy resin lasting up to 50 years.

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