About Us

Meet the Carters, 3 generations working together to service the Greater Indianapolis Area. Started by Bob carter and passed down to his son Jamie, the family business’ future now lies in the hands of the grandson, Kelson. With over 100 years of experience between them plumbing isn’t just their job, it’s their legacy.

About Us: Carter Plumbing

Carter Plumbing is a local, family-owned plumbing contractor located in Greenwood providing plumbing service to the Indianapolis, Greenwood, Whiteland, Franklin, Bargersville, Trafalgar, Mooresville, Wannamaker, and Southport Areas! With 30 years of plumbing experience, our trained plumbers qualify for every Residential & Commercial need. We have clean plumbers, who are kind and courteous.

We will send someone to your home who we would want in our home! If you need a repair or replacement of any plumbing item such as a water heater, water softener, outside hose spigot, garbage disposal, clogged drain, toilet or Faucet , leaky pipes, drain leaks, gas logs, gas lines, tubs, showers, tankless water heaters, camera’s for drain lines, septic or well repairs, and any other problem you can call the friendly folks at Carter for Plumbing service today!

One more thing: Are you worried about hidden prices and gouging fees? Don’t be. Our plumbers will give you a price up front leaving no surprises once the job is completed!!

No surprises, no second guessing, no beating around the bush – straight forward, fixed right and all work is done to your satisfaction – all of which comes with Courtesy, Respect & a Smile!! We are serious about your satisfaction with our company and with the work completed. Go ahead, try it! “My Plumber”…. is Carter, a local, family-owned plumbing company you can count on and trust!

The Carter Care Bug


Meet Bella, our office mascot! She comes to work everyday with Lisa, and keeps everyone smiling in our office!

Our Carter Care Bug drives around town checking on customers to ensure they are smiling!

The Next Generation


Meet Kelson Carter, he is a 3rd generation plumber. His grandpa, Bob Carter, started the plumbing business in 1976. His dad, Jamie Carter, followed into the family business in the early 80’s. Jamie and Lisa owned and operated Carter Plumbing converting to a National Franchise and later the opportunity came to sell their business to the franchise. After a few years away from the industry, they have started a new plumbing business for the next generation! Kelson is learning the trade and business from his parents.

3 Generations

Pictured: Bob Carter, Kelson Carter & Jamie Carter on a jobsite finishing a plumbing rough-in.
Bob Carter started plumbing when he was a youngster, and opened his own business in 1976. He worked for several builders doing new construction work. As Jamie grew up watching his father do plumbing, he decided it was a good fit for himself. He started to work with his dad while still in High School, and later decided to make it his full-time career. Together they incorporated Carter Plumbing Inc., and Jamie pursued his passion in the service sector of the business. As tradition has it, Kelson grew up watching both his dad and grandpa in the plumbing business. As he was completing High School, he decided he would give plumbing a try himself! So, from Grandpa, to dad, to son, the plumbing tradition has turned into a Carter Legacy! There is one thing for sure about all 3 Carters, they are very particular about their workmanship.