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Slab Leak Repair Indianapolis & Greenwood, IN

Slab Leak Repair Indianapolis

Slab Leak repair Indianapolis

Slab leak repair Indianapolis and Greenwood, including surrounding counties for service today. Do you suspect you have a slab leak? You may hear water running below the floor or inside a wall. Or, you may notice a damp spot on your carpet.  If you notice your water bill is extremely high, then you may have a slab leak. Any home on a slab is susceptible to having a water line leak.  It’s important to call your Plumber right away in order to prevent further damage from flooding and a high water bill. It can be difficult to find a slab leak. Use innovative location systems, which makes it easier to find where the exact water pipe and leak problem is located, versus busting up the whole floor. We know how stressful a slab leak can be and how much damage it can cause to a home, therefore, we can come to your home on the same day you call.

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Slab Leaks Occur in the water line underneath the floor

One of the most common causes of slab leaks is improperly installed or poor quality pipes. If your home’s water pipes were bent, kinked, coiled or dented in any way at the time of installation, the affected areas could become a point of attraction for corrosive chemicals and mineral deposits, which causes the pipes to leak and potentially burst. Copper pipes have a higher risk to suffer from corrosion since they are naturally softer in nature and more vulnerable to the elements.


Slab Leaks caused by high water pressure

Do you know what the water pressure is inside your home, known as PSI?  It’s similar to the measurement of human blood pressure.  Untreated, excessively high water pressure is a common cause of slab leaks. High water pressure could be caused by poor construction or by natural disasters such as an earthquake shaking pipes apart.  High water pressure can dismantle pipes at their joints which is where the pipes curve. This can lead to a massive leak that threatens the stability of your home’s foundation.


Slab Leak in Older Homes

Slab leaks occur most often in older homes after wear and tear on the piping system known as abrasion. Water lines are similar to the human joints, in which wear and tear cause the joint to fail. The copper pipelines can develop a small pin-hole leak, which, will drain into the interior of a home causing flooding issues. It’s important to find the location of the leak and then make the repair quickly and efficiently.  If you suspect you have a slab leak, call Carter’s My Plumber today for a simple test that will identify where the leak is located.


Indianapolis Slab Leak Detection

Indianapolis slab leak detection is done when a water leak is suspected.  The detection is done with special technology that seeks out the water source.  There is electronic amplification equipment, which listens for a leak.  There is electromagnetic pipeliner equipment that sends out signals of electrons.  There is a gas tracer system that pinpoints leaks with specially designed probes.  There are video pipe inspections as well as long as there is access.  There’s the most important tool that licensed plumbers bring to leak detection, using their knowledge. Plumbers are trained to use the equipment to get the right results. Without proper education in plumbing, these tools are essentially useless.

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Carter’s My Plumber is a 3rd generation plumbing company. We have been in the plumbing business for the past 3 generations! We offer you a price before any work begins, and we will work with you to find the exact location of your slab leak. We will treat your home as if it was ours, and we will work in a very neat and clean manner. When you call Carter’s My Plumber, you get courtesy, respect and a Smile! 🙂

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Carter’s provides quick and quality service. We have had them do leaks, a new water main and also re-plumb the house to get everything out of the slab. The plumbers are very knowledgeable and will answer any question you have. You will not regret going with Carter’s My Plumber.