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Does your bathroom need a New Tub?

As Homes age, replacing a bathtub may be one of the best things you can do to increase the value of your home. A new Tub will not only enhance the value of your home, but will add comfort and satisfaction for the homeowner. At Carter’s My Plumber we specialize in Tub or Shower replacments. We will send our Licensed Plumber to your home to give you a FREE In-Home Estimate along with fresh Ideas for a New Tub or Shower Unit Replacement. We will accommodate you by removing the old tub or shower unit with a new Kohler Sterling Solid Vikrell Fiberglass Unit, in just ONE DAY!

Here is what customers have said about our work:

Here is what customers have said about our work:

FAST – We can Remove your old shower and replace it in just one day!
Aging Bathtubs can be an eyesore

Aging Bathtubs can be an eyesore

Aging Bathtubs can be an eyesore, a can have safety risks, can make your house look out of date, and misses out on the efficiencies of a new Tub or Shower unit. At Carter’s we will customize a new Tub or new Shower Replacement/Conversion solution that fits within your budget and the need of your home.

Carter’s My Plumber is a Licensed Plumbing Company

Carter’s My Plumber is a Licensed Plumbing Company

Carter’s My Plumber is a Licensed Plumbing Company specializing in Bathtub and Shower Replacements. We have a team of experts who are trained to remove an old tub or shower and replace it with a new one. We ensure our workmanship is superb, and it comes with a guarantee. The new unit will fit tightly and securely where the old unit has been removed, and all in ONE DAY!


We can supply accurate cost estimates usually within hours of calling us. To talk to a bathtub expert, Call Us: (317) 859-9999.
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Tub or Shower Solutions

Here is some detailed information of various Tub or Shower solutions we’ve delivered to hundreds of customers over the years:

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Tub Replacement

Homeowners considering bathtub replacement options can find a large selection of choices available in varying price ranges. There is nothing like relaxing in a hot bath to reduce stress after a day of work or play.

A residential steam shower unit is a common option when a limited budget is not a hindrance. The steam shower offers many other health benefits and contributes greatly to relieving tension. Water vapors heat the air in a steam shower unit. Steam units can include such features as seated benches, foot massagers and ceiling rain showers in addition to the steam. The most common materials for steam showers are tile, granite, marble or fiberglass and these units do not require any more space than a regular bathtub.

As the population ages, many homeowners are equipping bathrooms with walk-in tubs. These units fit in the same space as an existing tub and offer the convenience of walking in and not having to step up and over an ordinary tub. One popular choice is a 16-jet walk-in tub with a warm air massage feature that produces bubbles of warm air to surround the bather’s body.

There is a quick drain system which has two drains for faster draining of the bath water, and an independent filler system lets bathers fill the bathtub and take a shower at the same time. The door swings inward and has a palm pad latch, plus the latch allows the door to be opened by depressing the pad with an elbow, open hand or closed fist. These tub options are a becoming more popular for homeowners as they mature.

Tub to Shower Conversion

Tub to Shower Conversion

When converting a tub to a walk-in shower, the first consideration is about the space being large enough. The standard bathtub is 60 inches long by 30 or 32 inches wide, which is plenty of space for a comfortable walk-in shower. There are four practical issues that will need to be addressed when considering a bathtub to shower conversion:

Plumbing: The existing water feeds will need to be reworked to support a new diverter and trim, and a feed will need to be run behind the wallboard for a showerhead. Another plumbing concern involves the drain, and tub drains are oriented at the end of the tub where the trim and tub spout is located. Most of the time, a symmetrical look in a bathroom is desired which will call for the drain to be moved to the center of the shower. Building code calls for shower drains to be 2 inches in diameter and tub drains are only be 1 ½ inches so the tub drain must be replaced (all the way to the connection at the main waste stack) with a wider diameter pipe in order to pass inspection.

Shower Pan: The shower pan is the most important part of a new walk-in shower, and typically a custom, concrete-set pan will be poured. Proper care must be taken to achieve adequate slope of the pan to the drain. The biggest concern is waterproofing the shower pan. Grout joints between the tiles on the shower floor are not waterproofed and water will eventually seep through, into the shower pan and down into the room below. A seamless waterproof membrane must be installed either on top of, or beneath the concrete-set shower pan.

Wallboard: In many bathrooms, the three walls surrounding a tub are painted drywall. This drywall must be removed and replaced with Durrock, or another brand of tile backer board to prevent water saturation. Many contractors will use mold-resistant drywall as the substrate behind the tile, but over time seeping water will cause the wallboard to deteriorate.Tile must be installed along the three shower walls and on the shower pan. Large or small tile formats can be used for the shower walls and a mosaic (or small format) tile should be used at the shower floor to conform to the contour of the pan. The joints between all tiles will need to be grouted, and then sealed.

Obviously, there are other steps involved a bathtub to shower remodel, but overall it can a relatively straight forward renovation that can completely transform the look and function of any bathroom.

Shower Fiberglass

Fiberglass Tub

Homeowners on a tight budget can choose a fiberglass tub and shower combination unit for an economical option to replace a current tub. Fiberglass is lightweight and relatively inexpensive, with a nice appearance. Homeowners can choose a tub and shower unit with shelves on the shower walls for holding soaps, shampoos and other items and towel bars are another popular addition to provide added convenience. Fiberglass remains the material of choice for tub and shower replacement when saving money is an important factor.

Why Do People Recommend Us?

Here are just a few reasons people call us for all Tub or Shower Replacement Projects:

Free, In-Home Estimates

Free, In-Home Estimates

We know you want a great deal, and we’re happy to prove we’ll give you one. Whether it be a tub surround unit or or a complete bathroom remodel, we always offer accurate and no hassle estimates that include every aspect of your project…so there are never any surprises.

FAST – One Day Installation

FAST – One Day Installation

Your home is unique and all your own and your bathroom tub shouldn’t be any different. Whether recommending an affordable replacement or a 100% customized design solution, we’ve got bathroom designers and product experts ready to give you a perfect solution.

Clean & Neat in a Customer’s Home

Clean & Neat in a Customer’s Home

How your tub unit and fixtures are installed is equally important to which unit or remodel solution you choose. Our certified installers make sure every single water line, drain and tub accessory is expertly installed to provide years and years of enjoyment with your new bathtub unit.

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We can supply accurate cost estimates usually within hours of calling us. To talk to a bathtub expert, call Us: (317) 859-9999

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