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Kelson Carter

Kelson Carter

Kelson is a 3 rd generation plumbing contractor. His grandfather started his own plumbing company back in the 1960’s with Kelson’s dad following in the same footsteps growing the small company into over 30 trucks.

Kelson grew up watching his dad grow his plumbing business and would hang out at the shop. He naturally understood how to use tools and is very skilled at machinery and excavation.

After high school he went to Trade School and completed 4 years of education and on-the-job training. He became a Licensed Plumbing Contractor and continued to perfect his skills and knowledge in the field while taking on some of the office work in the family plumbing business.

Over time, Kelson has become highly skilled at all aspects of
plumbing mechanisms. His knowledge has extended beyond the plumbing field to learning how to own and operate a business.

He owns Carter’s My Plumber with his parents and has been learning the business side of the operation as they continue to grow the business together. He is running the service department, where he leads a team of 14 plumbers to deliver residential plumbing on a daily basis.

His team of plumbers provide service to the Indianapolis Metropolitan area. Kelson was named one of the top millennials on the move in PHCP Pros Magazine.

He is a Licensed Plumber and Licensed Plumbing Contractor in the state of Indiana.

Carter’s My Plumber continues to grow where their culture emphasizes family and integrity. Kelson has become known as the “Prince of Plumbing” in the community with his strong mechanical knowledge of the industry.


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