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Are you tired of flushing the toilet 2 or 3 times after going to the bathroom!?  Tired of using thinner toilet paper, plungers, and adding extra water to your toilet bowl manually.   It may be time for you to change to a power flush toilet!!  Power flush, or pressure-assist, toilets use less water but flush with more force than a standard gravity powered toilet. This sounds like a win/win! You don’t have to flush that toilet multiple times, and you are cutting down that water bill!

Power Flush Toilet Design and Features

Power Flush is designed to ensure waste is removed effectively from the bowl and leave it clean for the next user.  Power flush toilets look just like standard gravity-fed toilets…until you look inside the tank: instead of a pool of water, there’s just a sealed, plastic pressure tank. Inside the tank is water and air.

Power Flush Toilet | Carter's My Plumber

Power Flush Features:

*Creates a push to clear the bowl

* Uses less water because second flushes are not required

* Produces “scrubbing action” to keep the bowl clean

* The tank does not sweat because the water is held in a plastic tank and not right up against the wall of a porcelain tank.

* The main advantage is clogs and blockages are virtually eliminated.

The Difference in Flush Capability

A standard toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water that are held in the tank. Standard and gravity toilets are the same. If you ever took the cover off the tank of your toilet, you would see a flapper. This flops down over a hole in the bottom of the tank to hold the water in the tank. When you flush the toilet, this flapper raises up, and the water flows down the hole, into the toilet bowl, and creates a swirl of water that sends the waste down through to the trap. One flush in a standard (gravity) toilet will take the waste out into the sewer about 30 feet. Pressure-assisted or power flush toilets have no visible water in the tank. If you take the cover off the tank of a power flush toilet, you’ll see a smaller tank that contains a pressure vessel. The pressure vessel traps air and as it partially fills with water, it uses the water supply line pressure to compress the trapped air inside. The compressed air is what forces the water into the bowl. All this is activated when you flush. This forces the water out at a much higher rate with more power and takes the waste out through the sewer over 60 feet. For more information on the best flushing toilets, follow the link here!

Life of the Power Flush Toilet

These toilets are built to work more efficiently and last the consumer longer.  With less flushes you have less wear and tear on the working parts of the toilet.  These toilets produce natural scrubbing action to keep bowl clean, and results in less “toilet brush” cleaning which in time eats away at the enamel.  Simply put, power flush toilets are built to last!

Importance of a Good Toilet

If you have kids in your family than spending a little more for a good toilet far outweighs itself!!  The power flush toilet offers better hygiene, because you are completely flushing the waste away.  This toilet will put money back in your wallet for those important things by cutting down on your monthly water bill.  Anyone with children has probably experienced the clogged toilet, because of too much toilet paper being used!! With power flush toilet you can eliminate most of the clogged toilet scenarios.   Your time is valuable and you will save time with one of these highly efficient toilets, because you won’t have to scrub your toilet as often. All of these benefits and features you have read about are not going to be available with your standard “big box store” toilets.  Now it’s time for you to call that plumber out to your home and get your new toilets installed! Give Carter’s My Plumber a call (317-859-9999 or visit us online) we would love to have one of our highly trained professionals get these installed so you and your family can eliminate the “one flush rule” 😉For more toilet installation/repair help, follow our link here!

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