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3 Things to know When Flushing Your Toilet in Franklin, Indiana

Best flushing toilet Franklin, Indiana, is one that does a complete job.  If you are in the market for a new toilet, then it’s important to know the basics of this very important household device.  The toilet is the most used item in the household.  The average home flushes a toilet at least 24 times per day.  The toilet must be dependable, comfortable and in proper working order at all times.  There are several different types of toilets to choose from and understanding the basics will help you make a wise decision.

1. Compare Flush Ratings

 Toilets are regulated to 1.6 gallons of water per flush. That may be frustrating for some flushers with our humble daily load. Flushing is the single highest use of water in the average home, so conservation is critical.  There is a gravity-feed toilet which relies on water to move waste down the drain.  They work on as little as 10 psi of household water pressure.  There are pressure-assisted toilets which combines air and water to thrust wast out forcefully.  Pressure-assisted generally uses at least 25 pounds of psi water pressure.  The more volume and higher use would be better served by the pressure assist toilet. Chances are you will live with the toilet you purchase for the next 10 years or more.  Understanding the flushing capacity is important so you can determine if the one you choose will have enough horse-power.

2. Style & Comfort of Toilet

Standard toilet hight is 14 1/2″.  There are elongated toilets, which, allow a wider opening in the toilet rim or standard toilets with smaller to fit tight spaces.  Toilets are offered in one or two-piece units.  One piece toilets have the tank and bowl integrated and are generally easier to clean since the tank to bowl is eliminated.  The two-piece toilets are the most common type of toilet available and fit just about any decor. people are upgrading to comfort height toilets which measure 17″-19″ floor to blow rim height.  This is a much easier seated device for knees that won’t bend as well, or hip joints that have stiffened.

3. Quality of A Toilet

The amount of pressure placed upon a toilet per sitting is one reason to purchase a good quality toilet that will provide adequate support without cracking, or tipping. So, Yes, quality matters when it comes to a toilet.  Considering the number of times per day it is used, and flushed, the toilet must be high quality.    The power of the flush depends on the components inside the toilet.  It’s important to have sturdy components in order for the toilet to adequately flush every time.  Replacement parts should be considered in the event you need a repair, so make sure you are able to obtain parts.  Noise level of a toilet is something to think about.  There is nothing worse than a loud “flusher” during the night.  The better quality toilets are more likely to have a quieter flush technology.

Selecting Carter’s My Plumber in Franklin, Indiana

At Carter’s My Plumber, we provide Plumbing Service to Franklin, Indiana.   We will provide a Licensed Plumber who is knowledgeable about the repair and installation of toilets.  We carry toilets on our fully stocked trucks, so we have them ready to go and bring them to you.  We offer prices up front before any work starts.  We will always try to find the best solution for our customers based on their need, and at the least amount possible.

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