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Frozen Pipes Prevention

What to do about Frozen Pipes. It's cold outside, but you already knew that. One of the many winter woes for Indiana Homeowners is the problem of pipes filled with solidified water; a.k.a. frozen pipes! Though a seemingly mild plumbing problem, frozen...

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What Can a Leaky Faucet Cost?

  Leaky Faucet cost can waste up to 5 Gallons of Water per Day.    by Kelson Carter Leaky faucet cost is a very sneaky way of opening up the checkbook and seeing the money fly out.  A little drip can can cost 100's of dollars in a short period of time.  Leaky...

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Summertime Plumbing Problems

Summertime Plumbing Problems Here is a list of common Summertime Plumbing Problems.  When summertime Plumbing problems occur, it's not only important to know what to do, but also when you should call the Plumber! Clogged Garbage Disposal:  Since, we are more active...

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Leaking Hose Bib Fix

Leaking Hose Bib Fix Leaking hose bib suspicion?  Have you planted the garden yet?  How about the spring flowers??  Have you fired up that outside hose bib of yours?  I've planted three rows of the garden so far this season, and I've used the outside spigot at least 4...

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Drinking Softened Water

Drinking Softened Water depends on your overall health. by Lisa Carter, RN, BSN, Cancer Coach - owner Carter's My Plumber Drinking Softened Water can be safe based on your overall health.  What are the Health Effects of drinking softened water? Water softeners remove...

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Extend Water Heater Life

Extend Water Heater Life with Simple Maintenace  It would be nice to extend water heater life to save money and the hassle of replacement.  Water heaters can sometimes last up to 15 years, sometimes even as much as 20 years in rare situations.  A standard water heater...

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Advice about Sump Pumps for Homeowners

Advice about Sump Pumps for Homeowners The Importance of a Sump Pumps: Sump pumps has recently become more important especially in newer homes since the Federal Clean Water Act which doesn’t allow builders in many municipalities to drain rainwater collected by gutters...

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Low Water Pressure a Problem?

Low Water Pressure is annoying and can make household jobs time consuming. Throughout the civilized world, low water pressure has been a predominant problem in homes. Right from the days of the Romans who built the first water transporting canals – or aqueducts – for...

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A Plumbing Snake – What is it?

Whenever the sink in your bathroom or your kitchen gets clogged a plunger will usually do the trick to clear the drain. However, sometimes the drain is blocked so badly that a plunger simply will not do. The solution? A plumbing snake. No, it is not really a snake,...

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What to do with your Frozen Pipes…

Frozen Pipes are Frustrating Frozen pipes is a common and menacing phenomenon in our Indiana winters. Although we are familiar with thawing frozen foods, to thaw frozen pipes, it takes a lot of technique and skill, something that you don't really need when preparing...

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