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Bradford White Water Heaters Are “Built to be the Best”!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to turn your hot water on and get instant hot water!!  Did you know water heating consumes the second largest amount of energy in the home, right behind heating and cooling?  Would you like to conserve energy and save on your utility bills?  It’s time for you to turn in that standard water heater for a Bradford White Water Heater.  By the time you finish reading this, you will be excited about installing your new Bradford White!!

Premium Quality for a Great Price!!

Bradford White water heaters are manufactured with high-quality materials and premium components, but you won’t have to pay a premium price. You’ll have a great water heater at a very competitive price when you choose a Bradford White. If you’re looking for more information on water heaters or need a licensed plumber in Indianapolis to install one for you, Carter’s My Plumber is here to help!

Proven Quality

Bradford White water heaters have proven quality.  You’ll get a water heater that is built to take the daily rigors of operation and provide you with many years of reliable, trouble-free service. Bradford White says that each of their water heaters are “Built to be the Best.”  Believe it or not, the hot water inside a water heater can eat through a steel tank in a relatively short time. There are chemicals found in water that attack the walls in water heaters. If you don’t get your sacrificial anode rode replaced one a year, they molecules and chemicals take it out on the walls instead! Bradford White water heaters are lined with Vitraglas enamel– this is found to be common in ceramics when coating the insides of vases and such. Vitraglas is actually an enamel that Bradford White created just for their water hearers! This provides protection against deterioration when compared to other standard water heater linings.

Hydrojet Total Performance System

The Hydrojet Total Performance System helps to reduce the accumulation of sediment buildup resulting in better efficiency, longer tank life, more consistent temperatures, and a larger volume of hot water to meet your household’s peak-hour demand. Sediment forms in the bottom of the tank and can really build up without routine maintenance. You are supposed to drain about a gallon of water a month out of your water heater. This will help the lifespan of your water heater and keep things HOT! a good rule of thumb to use to measure how much water is drained is to drain until the water runs clear- this means you got (almost) all of the sediment out!

They Sure Are Pretty!

Bradford White Water Heaters are known for their pristine white finish! Water heaters can sometimes be an eye-sore, but with one of these “Build to be the Best” machines, it’s sure to be a winner!


None of us wants to worry about those unforeseen home repairs! The great news about Bradford White Water Heaters is they stand behind their products by providing their customers with a six-year parts and tank warranty. Most of the time you hear about warranties from plumbing companies who install your water heater. When a manufacturer offers this warranty, you know it must be the best in the business.

American Made

Bradford White Water Heaters are made and manufactured in Middleville, Michigan. This company is American-owned and operated by Bradford White himself. Being American made, it has lead Bradford White’s company to be the most technologically advanced water heating company in not just America, but the world. The Chief Executive Officer for Bradford White, Nick Giuffre, stated, “When you look at the reasons our customers prefer Bradford White, you realize that our philosophy to support the American worker, to make a superior product, and to provide unequalled service, is a winning combination.”

A Winning American Brand

Bradford White ranked the highest in subcontractor satisfaction of water heater brands in 2006. This was reported by J.D. Power and Associations. 

Bradford Water Heaters

If you would like to hear more about the benefits of having a Bradford White Water Heater give Carter’s My Plumber a call at 317-859-9999 or visits our website.

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