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5 Things You must know when Buying a New Toilet!

Buying a new toilet seems like a real simple task, however, it’s more complicated than the average home owner is aware of!  Toilets are actually very complicated in their mechanical function.  What seems like it should be a simple flush, is actually a pretty complex system.  The toilet is the most highly used appliance in the home.  The average household has 2 toilets, and each gets flushed at least 12 times per day with a family of four.  When you look at that over the course of one year, that’s 4,272 flushes per toilet per year!!New Toilet buying guide


Type of Flush

The type of flush determines the velocity and force with which the contents are removed.  There is a huge difference in flush, so if you are particular about how well the contents are removed from within the bowl, then the flush mechanisms are an important feature.   Gravity feed toilets are the most popular toilet, but pressure assisted should be a worthy consideration.  The force of a pressure assisted toilet is like no other, especially for heavier, bulkier contents.toilet flow chart buying new toilet

Flange Size Opening

The toilet flange is the access point in which the contents in the toilet flow out for removal by the sewer system.  The wider the flange the more capacity to handle the contents and remove completely. The waste pipe that fits through the hole in the floor is called the flange, and has two parts: a pipe that connects to the waste line and a ring that gets bolted to the floor. The flange pipe can have a diameter of either 3 or 4 inches, depending on the size of the waste line, but a 4-inch hole works best for the capacity of flush.

Porcelain Grade

Toilets are made of different materials, and the grade of porcelain is a quality factor.  The higher the grade of porcelain the sturdier the toilet.  Plus, the less likelihood a toilet will crack and leak. Vitreous china is a material used for toilets and a glazing technique that is added to porcelain. It is a glass based enamel coating that makes things more durable, denser, and shinier. When a large amount of heat is applied to powdered glass, a liquid called vitreous enamel is created. Porcelain enamel is different in that it uses a cast iron base instead of ceramic materials and is coated with vitreous enamel. Toilets need to be water-proof, clean, and sanitary. Not to mention they need to be sturdy. Porcelain, as it turns out, aces at all of these requirements.  Plastic is used to make toilets, but the level of quality speaks for itself.

Sold Brass Bolts

Toilets with solid brass tank-to-bowl bolts, along with double nut, multi-point mounting system will give the tank more stability.  The corrosion of these units can occur with an improper quality of bolt.  This can cause instability of the toilet structure.  It’s important to have dependability when sitting on a toilet, and therefore, it makes best sense to have a high quality bolt holding it together.buying guide new toilet

Lifetime Warranty

Warranties are an important feature when deciding which toilet to purchase.  Since the toilet is the most used appliance in the house, it’s important to have a dependable warranty from the manufacture.  Look for a Lifetime warranty from the manufacture when purchasing a toilet.  This will give you peace of mind regarding the quality of the toilet.

Consumer Reports to Buying a Toilet

Consumer Reports has a guide for buying toilets and offers a comparison of brands on their website.

The five features above a just a few benefits of purchasing a high quality toilet.  While budget is a factor when selecting a toilet, the decision process should not be based on price alone.  The critical elements when selecting a new toilet is the level of quality and sustainability to ensure satisfaction.  If you chose a cheap toilet then you are at risk for future break-down.  Sometimes break-downs in the form of clogs, or malfunctions in the flush mechanisms, come at the most inconvenient moments when you have a house full of guests.  The price to have a Plumber come out and make a toilet repair should be considered.

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In the long run, a high quality toilet will add value to a home for resale purposes.  The most important feature of a high quality toilet is the satisfaction of no frustration from a break-down, along with the insurance of a lifetime warranty, not to mention, the peace of mind when the toilet flushes all the contents in a single flush.  It pays to invest in a higher quality toilet in the long run!


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