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Plumbing Myths every Homeowner should know:

As a homeowner, there is probably a list of things you wish you knew before you purchased your home.  Your home’s plumbing is more than likely on that list and not knowing can make you vulnerable to believing popular myths.  This can lead you to inadvertently damaging your home.  These myths need to be debunked before you experience them firsthand.  In order to keep your plumbing and your wallet intact, it is important to understand what not to do.

Plumbing Myths | Greenwood Plumber | Greenwood PlumbingMYTH:  “In Tank” Cleaners Make Cleaning the Toilet Easy

You know them – the stick-on or drop-in tabs that go either in the bowl or tank of your toilet and slowly dissolve for about a month.  Unfortunately the bleach isn’t cleaning the porcelain, it’s just bleaching the scum that’s building up in your bowl.  If left untouched, the scum can build up and ruin your toilet.  Bleach can be extremely detrimental to the working parts of your toilet and can wear away at the porcelain and corrode pipes over time.

MYTH:  If It Keeps Going Down My Drain, It Isn’t Getting Clogged

You have no fear of clogs if water and other things are successfully flowing down your drain, right?  Wrong!  Even though you can’t see your drains, there are things coating and sticking inside them that are going to cause clogs later.  It’s not just kitchen grease either.  Things like oils that are in soaps, rice and even pasta can stick and cause problems.

MYTH:  Lemons Clean Your Garbage Disposal

False!  This is probably one of the most common myths.  Many believe that chopping up some citrus fruit in the garbage disposal will make it smell fresh.  It does make it smell lemony but it doesn’t actually clean anything.  In fact, the citric acid can actually cause corrosion on the metal inside of the disposal.

MYTH:  You Can Clean Plumbing Faucets With Hand Soap

Hand soap and water can actually cause some faucets to peel and bubble.  This is extra important because if your fixtures get damaged because of this, warranties could be voided.  So the next time you wash your hands and get hand soap on the faucet or handles, take an extra five seconds and wipe it off!

MYTH:  Plumbing Requires No Maintenance

Our plumbing works day in and day out moving corrosive chemicals in and out of our home.  Over time, they will corrode, rot and break and without proper maintenance, they will do this a lot sooner.  Make sure you are using all your fixtures regularly!

MYTH:  Flushable Wipes Are FlushableIndianapolis Plumber | Indianapolis Plumbing | toilet repair

The sewer or septic system really cannot eliminate most wipes, including ones advertised as flushable.  They just do not break down fast enough and can snag on pipes and block the system, causing serious damage.  Toilets are designed to remove human waste.  Use the trashcan for everything else!

Knowledge is power!  Now that these myths have been debunked, you have the knowledge to keep your plumbing working, as it should, helping to protect your home against unpleasant and costly issues!  If a plumbing issue does occur, don’t fret!  Call Carter’s My Plumber to have a licensed technician visit your home and fix your issue with great customer service and a smile!

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