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Plumbing Projects Never To Do Yourself

Last week, we outlined several plumbing issues most DIYers can do themselves, without the help of an experienced, licensed plumber. This week, we’ll let you know about a few plumbing jobs best left to the professionals. Certain plumbing jobs are simple enough to perform yourself with basic tools and a YouTube video, but many plumbing jobs are serious work. Large projects requiring serious replacements and the possibility of injury- either while performing the work or because of poorly performed work, should be performed by licensed, experienced plumbers. Additionally, to perform big plumbing projects, you need a knowledge of local plumbing and building codes. Most people aren’t up to date on their local plumbing ordinances and how to best comply with them, but a licensed, experienced plumber is, and they can ensure your work is performed in compliance with all applicable codes.

Dishwasher Installation

Plumbing projects never to do yourself that seem simple can include a dishwasher installation, and unless you know a lot about plumbing, carpentry, and cabinetry, installing a dishwasher is likely more than you can handle on your own. Dishwashers are situated between cabinets and underneath counters, so it can be difficult to ensure water supply lines and drainage lines are installed properly. Kinks in your water lines and improperly sealed connections in the drain can lead to leaks, clogging, and drain-water back-ups or overflowing.

Pipe-fitting or Welding

Major changes to your plumbing infrastructure can have major consequences if performed improperly. New pipe joints or welding can appear perfect to the naked eye, but the work could still have been performed improperly, and once your work is hidden behind your wall, the joint can weaken and leak, causing moisture damage and mold growth necessitating expensive repairs. There are many different types and sizes of pipes, connections, and valves suited for different places and purposes. Installing the wrong pipe for your system or installing a pipe in the wrong location can be dangerous and cause costly damage to your home. You may not have the expertise to choose the right pipes for your plumbing system and install them properly, but a licensed, experienced plumber does.

Major Drain Blockages

You may be able to handle a minor drain blockage on your own, but for a serious blockage or a blockage caused by an object stuck in your toilet, you should call a professional. Retail drain cleaning projects corrode pipes and using tools to clear drains can further damage your metal and plastic pipes. A licensed, experienced plumber can clear your blockage or extract an object in your pipes safely, without causing costly damage.

Water Heater Installation

Water heaters are serious machines, and an install gone awry can be dangerous and cause significant damage to your home. Most water heaters operate on natural gas and require a specialized fitting to connect to your gas line. If connected improperly, it could result in death to you and your loved ones. Improperly installed water heaters can also leak hot water and steam, which can cause mold-growth and water damage to your home.

Water Treatment

Water filtration and softening systems are very useful in dealing with contaminants and hard water, but making alterations to your water system at the entry point to your home is difficult. Tapping into your main water line and making the new fittings and welds necessary to install most systems can be very problematic. It is best to avoid this all together and leave this job to an experienced, licensed plumber.

Licensed plumbers have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. They have skills that the average homeowner does not, and can use those skills to ensure your work is completed competently and safely. Experienced plumbers also have specialized tools and know how to make every installation and connection in the way best suited for your home. If you’re facing a small issue like the ones we reviewed in our last blog, go ahead and try it yourself, but if you’ve got something bigger, it’s best to leave it to your local licensed, experienced plumber.


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