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Are Electric Tankless Water Heaters highly efficient?

In Greenwood, IN, the water is hard and may not conduct heat as quickly as softer water.  The question is whether Tankless Water Heaters are efficient in Greenwood, IN.  All electric water heaters are High Efficiency these days. If an electric water heater, tank-type or on-demand, (except heat pump models) is functioning properly, 100% of the energy in the electric current flowing through the elements is converted into heat and transferred into the water. It’s an energy transfer that causes the water to heat up.  However, energy from electricity is generally much more expensive than energy from gas.  Therefore, while electric water heaters are very high efficient, the cost of the energy is the factor when comparing gas and electric models.
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Gas Tankless Water Heaters

Heat pump models are also used for heating water.  They use much less electricity by using a refrigeration cycle to draw heat out of the air surrounding the heater and “pumping” that heat into the water.  This process, naturally, serves to cool the air.  Therefore, in the winter, these units may make your furnace work just a little bit harder, partially negating the savings. In the heat of summer, these units help do the work of your air conditioner, which results in extra savings. Heat pumps cannot heat the water fast enough to be used in an on-demand heater. Neither can electric tankless water heaters.  They both require more time in order to heat the water cycle.  Therefore, the best choice when it comes to a tankless water heater, is a gas unit.

Water Heater Energy Comparison

If you would like the energy comparison of an electric tankless water heater to a gas tankless water heater, we have several plumbing experts available to answer your questions.  We are also available to provide free estimates for a new water heater installation in order for you to determine if it is a wise investment.  The feedback we receive from homeowners where we have installed tankless water heaters, love the on-demand hot water, and the endless supply of hot water.   They have extended warranties, and the life of a tankless water heater is twice as long as a standard water heater.
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Water Heater Experts

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