Basement Flood

Basement Flood Protection Services and Sump Pump Specialists Your finished basement is your pride and joy. You’ve spent thousands of dollars and countless hours converting your bleak, concrete dungeon into an enjoyable and comfortable living space. The last thing you need is a tidal pool of ground water or sewage […]

Prevent Water Loss

Prevent Water Loss Inside your Home Water loss can cause significant damage to homes, especially when it goes undetected. It’s important for every homeowner to pay close attention to the key areas inside their homes where water loss can cause damage and expense. Kitchen water loss: Dishwasher – check for […]

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Are Water Leaks Draining your Wallet?

Water Leaks drain your wallet! Here’s a quick guide to finding and fixing water leaks in your home. Imagine a hole the size of the period in this sentence. A small leak this size wastes 4,000 gallons a month.   That’s enough water for a shower every day! Sinks – […]

water leak | water loss | flood | plumbing leak | leaking water

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Thankful for Plumbers

Thanksgiving is the Perfect time to be Thankful for Your Plumber! It’s that time of year when we all take time to reflect and be thankful.  At Carter’s My Plumber in Greenwood, Indiana, we are thankful for Plumbers!  Plumbers take care of the most basic necessity to humans on earth; plumbing!! […]

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Plumbing Maintenance Myths

Conventional Wisdom Passed Down Generation-to-Generation As a homeowner you may need to learn about Plumbing maintenance myths for your home! It’s important that you learn how to effectively do plumbing maintenance without trying practices that may damage your system or your pipes. Here are five myths passed down to Grandson from […]

Water Pressure Booster for Low Water Pressure

How a Water Pressure Booster can Help your Home’s Water Pressure Low water pressure is generally caused by clogged pipes. However, if they have already been replaced or it’s a newer home with new pipes, try obvious measures first.  Make sure the shutoff valves by the water meter are completely open. Sounds basic, but you would […]

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Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve

Every Water Heater has a Temperature Pressure Relief Valve (TPR valve). It is a safety valve which releases water (and thus relieves pressure) if either the temperature or pressure in the tank gets too high.  A Pressure Relief Valve is very important because Water heaters can become bombs if the pressure is too high and […]