Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

We are a local Indianapolis Plumber providing Plumbing Services to the Metropolitan Area. We are family Owned and Operated, and are in our 3rd generation! Our Licensed Plumbers are trained and certified to work on your home’s Plumbing including: Drain Cleaning, Water Heater Repairs and Installation, Tub Replacements, Shower Replacements, Faucet Installations, Faucet Repairs, Garbage Disposal Repairs & Installations, Toilet Repairs & Installations, Gas Leaks, Water Leaks, Slab Leaks, Repiping Water Lines, Sewer Line Replacements, Sump Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Back Up Pumps, Floods, Excavation and anything else that is related to your home’s Plumbing System.

Drain CleaningFaucet InstallationLeaky FaucetGarbage DisposalToiletsGas LeaksSlab LeaksWater HeatersWater & Sewer RepipingSump & Sewage PumpsFlood Protection PackagesExcavation

Drain Cleaning

drain cleaning | clog | clogged drain | clean drain | drain lineWe use top of the line drain cleaning equipment to open your drains quickly and efficiently, if we can’t unclog your drain we won’t charge you. Occasionally, we use drain cameras to “see” why the drain keeps clogging up. Drain Jetting Services are also available. Find out more.

Faucet Installation

faucet installation | new faucet | faucet repair | faucetsQuick installations of New sink faucets include: Kitchen faucets, Bathroom faucets, Utility faucets, and Outdoor faucets and include inspection and replacement of any needed angle stops or risers. Faucets can be purchased by the customer, or we can provide one for you. We carry various styles of Delta Faucets on our trucks. All Faucets that we provide include a lifetime Parts and Labor Warranty. Find out more.

Leaky Faucet

banner-04There are many types of faucets out there, and whether it’s a simple re-washer or total rebuild, we can fix them all including: Kohler, Price-Pfister, American Standard, Delta, Figi and more. When you need our service it is helpful to let us know the make and model of your faucet if possible. Find out more.

Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal | insinkerator | grinderIt can be very annoying when your garbage disposal goes out, and it usually happens when company is visiting! We can repair and replace any brand garbage disposal, keeping you and your guests happy. We carry Insinkerator brand disposal with 1,3,5 year Parts and Labor Warranty. Find out more.


Toilet-RepairWe repair most major brands of quality toilets such as: Kohler, American Standard, Price-Phister, Eljer and Mansfield. When installing a new toilet we always change out angle stops and risers – most installations are completed in 2 hours. Toilets can be purchased by the customer, or we can provide one for you. Find out more.

Gas Leaks

Gas-LeaksWe repair black pipe gas lines, as well as yellow flex gas lines – above and below ground. Find out more.

Note: Gas leaks are very dangerous and should be dealt with immediately. The gas company puts an odorant in the gas so it can be detected by smell. If you suspect a gas leak, please call 911 or your gas utility immediately…Then call Carter Plumbing for the repair.

Water Leaks

Water-LeaksWe repair and replace all plumbing types and water lines: copper piping, Pex piping and specialize in galvanized repair or replacement. Find out more.

Note: Water leaks can be underground, above ground and sometimes under the concrete slab. If you are experiencing a high water bill, we will send a technician right out to find the leak and repair it.

Slab Leaks

slab-leakSlab leaks can be difficult to find. With our innovative Sonar and location systems, we make it painless to find where the exact water pipe and leak problem is located. Find out more.

Water Heaters

Water-Heater-pic30, 40, 50, 80 gas or electric, we install all water heater brands including: Bradford White, GE, A.O. Smith, and Rannai water heaters. We ensure all of our installations are up to city code and county requirements. Our water heater installations include:

  • New water heater
  • New Shut off Valves
  • Removal and disposal of the old unit
  • 6 or 10 year warranties available
  • Find out more

Water & Sewer Repiping

We offer water and sewer line re-piping: crawlspace & basement applications. Find out more.

Pressure Regulators

Pressure-RegulatorsSigns of needing a new pressure regulator are high water pressure and water spewing from the water heater T & P valve. We have Plumbers who are Backflow Certified. Find out more.

Sump & Sewage Pumps

sump-pumpWe install the most reliable pumps available. Longer warranties and peace of mind! Find out more.

Flood Protection Packages

plumbing-flood-150x150We will design a battery backup system that fits your current pumping needs. Find out more.


We provide backhoe and trencher excavation needs for water and sewer main replacements.

Free Estimates – we will provide a free no-obligation estimate for the following:

  • Water Heaters, including Tankless types
  • Flood Protection
  • Sewer or Water Main Replacements
  • Bathroom Remodels & Basement Finishes

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