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Carter’s My Plumber is a Homecroft Plumber

Carter’s My Plumber is a Homecroft Plumber and serves the Homecroft & Southport area. We are locals just like you, and have been on the southside of Indianapolis for over 40 years!   We have fully stocked trucks and we are prepared for every type of plumbing repair or replacement.  We charge by the job and we always give you a price up front before any work begins!

On time Plumbing Service:

Plumber Prepared to Fix it:

We come prepared to fix your plumbing problem.  Whether its a water leak, no hot water, gas leak, water softening issue, faucet repair, or any other household plumbing problem – we are prepared to do the work.  It’s important that the right part be on our truck, along with the right tools.  We go above and beyond behind the scenes to insure we are ready for any type of plumbing job before we get there!  Whether you are in the Homecroft or Southport area, we are your local plumber!

Licensed Plumber:

Licensed Plumber:

So what is special about hiring a Licensed Plumber?  It’s the Indiana law to hire a Licensed plumber to perform plumbing duties.  We have the educationsal background, along with thousands of on the job trianing hours.  It’s not only hard work, it’s complicated.  Therefore, it’s important to only hire a professional who knows what they are doing.  We understand how to install and repair water soucres.  We know just what to do when a drain is leaking and not to cross contaminate it with a water source.  We understand the mechanisms of gas piping, and how to prevent leaks.  Being a Licensed Plumber is a state Licensing program, and we follow the rules!

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Jeremy Staples

Carter's My Plumber
5 out of 5 with 152 ratings

We have used carter plumbing 3 times in the past. Very nice when calling recieptionist. polite and easy to talk to when setting up appt. The repair men work fast and are honest. He even gave me the right rubber seals to fix my leaky faucets. Instead of charging me labor he explaind also how to fix the leaky faucet with the new seals he gave me. That dosnt happen much anymore. I get the feeling that this is family owened and very caring people. Bigger name companys dont give me that kinda treatment or feeling. What more can i say than they are just good honest getting ready to call them again right now and wanted to tell other people how good there service is.

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