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Water Leak in Your Yard

Water Leak in Your Yard can be very alarming Water Leak in your yard may be a serious matter.  Are you noticing water surfacing in your yard or an unusual odor coming from outside!?  Water leaks in your yard account for thousands of dollars in repairs and they cause...

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Water in the Crawl Space

Have you ever had water in the crawl space or basement?  When you find water anywhere in your home your initial reaction is panic, because we know that water causes property damage. It can also lead to mold issues that can damage your home and cause health problems...

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Power Flush Toilets

Are you tired of flushing the toilet 2 or 3 times after going to the bathroom!?  Tired of using thinner toilet paper, plungers, and adding extra water to your toilet bowl manually.   It may be time for you to change to a power flush toilet!!  Power flush, or...

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Balancing Hot Water

Balancing Hot Water: Have you ever been in a hotel room shower and the temperature of your water skyrockets to hot? This is a common issue in large-scale housing units. Every year, thousands of people suffer serious thermal shock or scalding injuries in their...

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Lead-Free Drinking Water

Lead-Free Drinking water is the buzzword lately after the huge issue in Flint, Michigan. Lead in water has been an overwhelming issue for parts of the United States over the past few years. Lead in drinking water is an issue for everyone but especially children and...

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